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Sail Needles

Sail needles are used for canvas repair work by hand sewing, it is generally much thicker as compared to normal machine needles to provide a comfortable finger grip. The body of the needle is triangular in shape with a sharp triangular point for sewing onto the fabric using minimal force. The eye of the sail needle is also enlarged to allow use of thicker thread so that less stitches are required for a given sewing area. Our sail needles made of forged cast steel are all imported from England and USA to adhere to the strictest quality standards required for hand stitching and to minimize efforts required for tedious hand stitching.

Different sizes are available for selection as follows:

No Size Length of needle
1 11 3 1/2”
2 14 2 3/4”
3 15 2 1/2”
4 16 2 3/8”

Sail needle

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