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PVC Coated Canvas Tarpaulin

Vinyon, the generic name for a man-made fiber derived from polyvinyl chloride, shortform name "PVC". It is a derivative of natural salt, water and petroleum. It is a material commonly used as a coating in the production of canvas tarpaulin with nylon or polyester as the base cloth.

PVC coated canvas tarpaulin serves as a highly popular and commonly-used waterproof canvas fabric in the fabrication of canvas covers, canvas bag, canvas tote bags, canvas sheets and awnings as PVC coated canvas tarpaulin has a variety of favourable properties which supports these applications. PVC fibers have high chemical and water resistance, do not burn well . At low elongations PVC fibers recover completely from deformation. PVC fibers are soft and exhibit good recovery from bending deformation. The fiber has moderate density, with a specifc gravity of 1.33- 1.40. PVC is extremely hydrophobic, have a moisture regain of 0.0% - 0.1% under standard conditions. The fiber is a poor heat and electrical conductor and possesses potential in insulation applications.

PVC fiber is chemically inert and possesses chemical properties similar to polyolefin fiber. PVC coated canvas tarpaulin is only attacked very slowly by ultraviolet rays in sunlight compared to other materials. PVC fiber melts with decomposition at 135 degree celsius to 180 degree celsius. PVC coated canvas tarpaulin finds its major use in industrial fabrics including filters, tarpaulins and awnings, in protective clothing, and in upholstery for outdoor furnishings.

PVC coated canvas tarpaulin are unaffected by moisture, chemically stable, resistant to moths and biological attack, poor conductors of electricity. PVC is also used extensively in industrial applications such as bonding agents for non-woven products, since they have high resistance to chemicals. Other products include flame- retardant christmas trees, filter pads, fishing lines and nets, and protective clothing.

There are a variety of colours to choose from of which the following are some of the more popular colours.

Green canvas Sky blue canvas Navy blue canvas Grey canvas

Green Canvas/Sky Blue Canvas/Navy Blue Canvas/Grey Canvas

Orange canvas Red canvas White canvas Black canvas

Orange Canvas / Red Canvas / White Canvas / Black Canvas

These canvas comes in rolls of 6ft (1.83mtrs) width and in standard rolls of 50mtrs. All these canvases comes with a layer of base cloth beneath the layer of laminated plastics, thereby increasing its toughness and strength.

Thickness available (mm) Estimated weight per mtr of canvas (kg)**
0.35 0.80
0.50 1.20
0.60 1.40
0.80 1.70

** The estimated weight is based on 1.83 mtr by per mtr of canvas fabric


 Lorry cover
Green tarpaulin canvas waterproofBlue tarpaulin canvas waterproofOrange tarpaulin canvas waterproof


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