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Vinylon Canvas Tarpaulin

Vinylon is the name for a fibre that has been developed and produced in Japan. It owes its development to the Synthetic Fibre Manufacturers group of the Japanese Synthetic Textile Association. Since its invention, the fibre has grown in importance and has since been produced in various countries. Vinal is the american name for vinylon.

One of the major applications of vinylon is in the production of canvas fabric which is a waterproof canvas and is the material of choice for many in the construction of machinery covers, canvas cover, canvas sheet, canvas bags, canvas tote bags, awnings and other heavy duty applications. Vinylon canvas tarpaulin does not support combustion, and the fiber softens only at 200 degree celsius and melts at 220 degree celsius. It has extremely good chemical resistance and is unaffected by alkalies and common solvents. Burial for six months in slope or steeping sea-water is said not to have affected it. As with most canvas fabrics of other fibers, concentrated acids will harm the fiber. This type of canvas tarpaulin has the ability to provide strong resistance to fungi, mildew and insects.

Vinylon resembles cotton and other cellulosics in end-use properties. Vinylon fiber has good strength and excellent abrasion and pilling resistance. Vinylon canvas tarpaulin exhibit good drapablity. In additon, vinylon canvas tarpaulin has a silklike appearance and luster. This type of canvas tarpaulin also has excellent sunlight resistance and fair heat resistance. Due to its similarities to cotton in terms of end-use properties, vinylon is often seen as having a good balance of characteristics between cotton and thermoplastics which is also one of the key factors for its popularity.

Oweing to its strength, abrasion and sunlight resistance, biological and chemical resistance and low affinity for water, vinylon has found the following uses including raincoats, surgical sewing thread, filter cloth, fishing nets, brush bristles, suitings, tyre cord as well as protective apparel.



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