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Grommets / Eyelets

Grommets/eyelets for use on canvas tarpaulin are metal rings that are inserted into a hole made through a selected spot on the canvas tarpaulin. These grommets/eyelets reinforces the hole and the grommets/eyelets are used as a tool to secure the canvas tarpaulin to permanent fixtures so as to secure or keep the canvas tarpaulin in position during use. Grommet/eyelets prevents the ropes inserted through from tearing through the hole when securing the canvas tarpaulin in place, thereby providing structural integrity. The terms grommets and eyelets are commonly used interchangeably.

Grommets/eyelets used for canvas tarpaulin are made of either brass (gold colour) or nickel plated (silver colour) and are available in different sizes depending on the diameter of the rope intended to go through the grommet/eyelet hole.

Grommets/eyelets are secured with a washer on the back. The washer creates a neat and more finished edge and reinforces the hole. To set the grommets/eyelets, a special punch and die which are sized to correspond to the grommet/eyelet size is required.

Mark the grommet/eyelet placement then put the cutting block or newspaper under the mark . Place the punch over the mark, and strike it with a mallet or hammer to cut each hole.

Insert the grommet/eyelet shaft through the hole of the canvas tarpaulin, and place the canvas tarpaulin on the work surface with the grommet side down. Slip the washer, rounded side up, over the grommet shaft.

Slide the die under the canvas tarpaulin until it cups the grommet, insert the setter into the centre of the grommet shaft, and strike the setter with the mallet or hammer until the grommet shaft flattens and spreads over the washer. Thereafter the grommet/eyelet would be ready for use.

The common sizes are as follows:

No Description Grommet inner diameter
1 Size 25 10mm
2 Size 28 13mm
3 Size 30 16mm
4 Size 32 19mm

Grommets are available along with corresponding washers. Dies and setter are available in various sizes as well.

Grommet Hand Tools consisting of Die (left) and Setter (right)

Cutter or Hole Puncher

Grommets consisting of Spur (top) and Washer (bottom)


How to install grommets with hand tools

1) Apart from the items listed above, a hammer would also be required.


2) Please cutter over spot in tarpaulin where the grommet is to be installed.


3) Strike cutter with hammer.


4) Remove tarpaulin material to reveal hole created by cutter, Place spur on die.


5) Place spur through hole in tarpaulin.


6) Place washer through setter.


7) Place setter on top of die and strike with hammer.


8) Remove setter and the grommet is installed onto the tarpaulin.

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